Dogs in Society

It is the peak body representing pet ownership and the pet industry in Australia. Members of ACAC include:- · Australian Veterinary Association · Australian Small Animal Veterinary Association · Australian National Kennel Council · Delta Society Australia · Animal Health Alliance (Australia) · Pet Food Industry Association of Australia · Pet Industry Association of Australia · Petcare Information and Advisory Service · Veterinary Manufacturers and Distributors Association · Veterinary Nurses Council of Australia The purpose of ACAC is to provide a forum for the pet care industry to promote the benefits of socially responsible companion animal ownership to the wider community. ACAC endorses and implements community education programs that promote responsible companion animal ownership and publicises the benefits of responsible companion animal ownership to the community. ACAC also participates in the legislative process where it affects companion animal ownership. Introduction to Position Papers The members of ACAC believe that dogs are an intrinsic part of the fabric of our society. There are a number of important facts and issues relating to dog ownership in Australia. To help clarify the united view of the pet care industry on key matters pertaining to dog ownership ACAC has developed the Dogs in Society Position Papers. Dogs in Society Position Papers cover the following topics:- · Health and Social Benefits of Dog Ownership · Importance of Dogs in Society · Correct Selection of Dogs · Responsible Care of Dogs · Training and Socialisation of Dogs · Dog Bite Incidence and Prevention · Importance of Urban Animal Management · Dog Bite Incidence and Data Collection · Public Education Strategies for Dog Bite Prevention · Legislation to Prevent Dog Attacks · Pit Bull Identification Template Also relating to these position papers is Appendix 1. Review of Dog Bite Prevention Programs in Australia. The Dogs in Society Position Papers in combination with Appendix 1 provide a clear summary of the views and activities of the pet care industry on key dog related matters. For further

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